Hudson Dance & Movement’s Hip Kids class provides its students with the fundamentals of Hip Hop Dance in a fun and energetic setting. All Hip Hop classes are taught by Melanie Van Allen.

Hip Hop I

Hip Hop I teaches the fundamentals of Hip Hop movement. After warming up with isolations, conditioning and stretching, using popular music, the class will then move across the floor to work on rhythm, upper body strength and funky footwork. All Hip Hop classes will end with a fun, but challenging combination that will leave the students energized.

(Ages 5-7 yrs)


4:00pm – 5:00pm
5:00pm – 6:00pm

Hip Hop II

Hip Hop II builds upon the fundamentals of Hip-Hop I, focusing on more advanced technique, including: isolations, rhythm/musicality, movement dynamics, floorwork and improvisational movement.

(Ages 8 – 10 yrs)




Hip Hop III/IV


Hip Hop III/IV continues to expand on Hip Hop II fundamentals with the development of muscle strength, intricate footwork, rapid movements, polyrhythm/musicality, floorwork and improvisation/choreographic

(Ages 11- 13 yrs)